How to Automatically Skip YouTube Ads on Android Without Rooting

YouTube Ads are worst thing found on YouTube application. The worst part is you need to skip your ads by clicking on the screen. Today, I found an amazing application which will help you out to Automatically Skip YouTube Ads on Android.

You might be watching any movie then at that time you might have seen that there are too many ads in that movie which comes again and again after 10 to 20 minutes of watching.

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Then at that time you need to click on the Skip Ad button again and again or else some ads are not skippable which is short ads. The developer Erwin Goslawski made an application which skips these kinds of ads automatically.

If you are using any kind of Ad blocker on your phone then you might have blocked all the ads available on mobile phone apps and browser but not the ads which are available on the YouTube.

This is the best application which will help you to do so and the best part about this application is that it doesn’t need a rooted phone.

Automatically Skip YouTube Ads on Android

Automatically Skip YouTube Ads on Android

Now, the developer Erwin Goslawski made this application for the peoples who watches YouTube all the time and it makes it easy for them not to touch screen and skip the YouTube ads.

There are many applications which work only in the rooted android phone to disable the ads or skip it. There are less applications available which work in non-rooted android phones.

The other best thing about this application is that there are no extra settings to configure the application. You just need to install the application and click on Enable and it will automatically skip the YouTube ads on your Android.

This application works on almost any Android device which is above 4.1 and it will work on your phone too.

The other best part is it works great if you have the latest version of YouTube application. Let’s check out the steps to configure the application.

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How to Automatically Skip YouTube Ads on Android

  • Download and install AdSkip from here: Download XDA
  • Install the application and you might get the unknown source warning in the application.
  • Click on the settings and then Tick the unknown sources.

Automatically Skip YouTube Ads


  • That’s all! Now, try to install the application again on your phone.

Automatically Skip YouTube Ads

  • Open the application and if you will turn on the option then you will see an option to turn on the accessibility.

  • Turn off the option of “Mute audio during ads” just because it may delay the ad skipping on your phone.

  • Now, watch the YouTube video and it will automatically skip the YouTube video when the Skip Ad button appears on the screen.

That’s All Folks! If it you have done with skipping the ads in your phone.

Video Tutorial:

Final Verdict:

This way you can skip the YouTube ads automatically on Android. I hope you love it.

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