Compare Mobile Phones: Flagship V/s Budget Smartphones

Selecting the best phone to buy for yourself is proved to be quite a task these days.

With the different cellular brands, different options and advanced specs emerging in the technological market has given birth to cut through competition and made it tougher for the consumers to pick one.

Apart from this intensified heat, no one opposes the nitty-gritty that we’re spoiled rotten with the number of decent options.

Along with this, most of us look up for those smartphones which are top tier products with costing above $1,000 (70,000 INR).

But that is certainly not within everyone’s budget, right?

Unfortunately, these top tier phones grab all the attention and titles.

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Some poeple believe that more RAM means the phone will be much faster. There are a lot of Smartphone Myths

We as human beings admire these models at first and think that anything less than that will put you in low class.

But things don’t have to be that way, correct?

There are a lot of other phones as well available in the market which without a shadow of doubt can fit right into the budget line for most of us with some outstanding features.

We are here to guide you with comparative of flagship phones and budget phones which can help you figure out what type of handset you should invest your money on and not put you in any kind of debts.

Compare Mobile Phones

Flagship Phones

The term Flagship particularly means the best or most important thing owned or produced by a particular organization. Flagship phone means the most expensive or the prime product of the Series.

These flagship phones consist of premium features like top tier camera, display, battery, onboard storage, operating system, etc.

As far as the cost is mentioned, flagship phones are quite expensive when the price segment is considered. For example in India, phone pricing above $700 (50,000 INR) or more.

Budget Phones

Budget Phones are generally that phone which is pocket-friendly and obviously do not make you sell your kidney!

When you talk about the specs and feature in these budget phones they are pretty much similar to flagship phones.

These budget phone range between the price segments of $100 (7000 INR) to $300 (21,000 INR).

Compare Mobile Phones: Review, Price & Comparision Chart

In this list, we’re going to mention some of the best smartphones which you can buy right now.

We’re going to compare Flagship mobile phones with the best budget smartphone.

We are comparing 10 mobiles phones in this list and you can check out which phones you need to buy right now.

OnePlus 6T vs. Xiaomi Poco F1

OnePlus 6T vs. Xiaomi Poco F1 Compare Mobile Phones

The most agitated quarrels which were going on the market were between OnePlus 6T and Xiaomi Poco F1. So much so that the tech influencers were also posting up a video on YouTube comparing these two phones.

ContentOnePlus 6TXiaomi Poco F1
Weight185 grams182 grams
ColoursThunder Purple, Mirror Black, Midnight BlackGraphite Black, Steel Blue, Rosso Red, Armored Edition with Kevlar
BuildAluminum FramePlastic Frame
Water ResistanceYesNo
Display size & display type6.41 inches, Optic AMOLED6.18 inches, IPS LCD
ProcessorSnapdragon 845 Octa-core 2.8 GHzSnapdragon 845 Octa-core 2.8 GHz
Onboard storage256 GB, 128 GB256 GB, 128 GB, 64 GB
Battery and fast charging3700 mAh, YES4000 mAh, YES
CameraRear – 16 MP + 20 MP
Front – 16 MP
Rear – 12 MP + 5 MP
Front – 20 MP
Operating systemAndroid 9.0 (Pie)Android 8.1 (Oreo), upgradable to Android 9.0 (Pie)
Price$538 (37,999 INR)$298 (20,999 INR)

Looking at all the comparative specifics, we can conclude that there are many similarities between the two phones.

We can also consider the fact that POCO F1 has a feature of Liquid Cooling which can be a bonus point for all the mobile gamers who love to play games like PUBG for hours without worrying for the phone to heat up.

Comparing the price segments POCO definitely has a win-win situation because you can get the same specification with spending less money.

Buy now: OnePlus 6T
Buy now: POCO F1

Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs Huawei Honor 8X

Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs Huawei Honor 8X Compare Mobile Phones

Now here we have a comparison of two different phone series but from the same parent company.

Huawei is a China-based company which specializes in telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics, artificial intelligence, and technology-based services and products.

Content Huawei Mate 20 Pro Huawei Honor 8x
Weight189 grams175 grams
ColoursEmerald Green, Midnight Blue, Twilight, Pink Gold, BlackBlue, Black, Red, Pink
BuildAluminum FrameAluminum Frame
Water ResistanceYesNo
Display size & display type6.39 inches, AMOLED6.5 inches, LTPS IPS LCD
ProcessorHiSilicon Kirin 980 Octa-core 2.6 GHzHiSilicon Kirin710 Octa-core 2.8 GHz
Onboard storage256 GB, 128 GB128 GB, 64 GB
Battery and Fast charging4200 mAh, YES3750 mAh, NO
CameraRear – 40 MP + 20 MP + 8 MP
Front – 24 MP
Rear – 20 MP + 2 MP
Front – 16 MP
Operating systemAndroid 9.0 (Pie)Android 8.1 (Oreo)
Price$994 (69,990 INR)$213 (14,999 INR)

After analyzing the specifications of the two phones, Huawei Mate 20 Pro seems like the clear winner in this comparison.

Even though both the phone come from the same parent company, guess the flagship phones are ranking high in this situation.

However, Huawei Honor 8X didn’t actually secure the winning position, but the feature it presents for $200 [14,000 INR (round figure)] is quite commendable with its camera spec, display, and build body.

Buy now: Huawei Mate 20 Pro
Buy now: Huawei Honor 8X

Apple iPhone XR vs Oppo F9

Apple iPhone XR vs Oppo F9 Compare Mobile Phones

Over here you can notice a very odd and rare comparison between a real flagship phone and a real budget phone.

Every now and then you can see a lot of people owning either an iPhone or an Oppo phone these and this is a fact.

The flagship phone is iPhone XR with is an Apple Inc. product whereas Oppo F9 is a Chinese consumer electronics and mobile communications company knowns as Oppo Electronics Corporations.

Content Apple iPhone XROppo F9
Weight194 grams169 grams
ColoursBlue, Black, Red, Yellow, Coral, WhitePurple
BuildAluminum FramePolycarbonate Frame
Water ResistanceYesNo
Display size & Display type6.1 inches, IPS LCD6.3 inches, LTPS IPS LCD
ProcessorApple A12 Bionic Hexa-core
2.6 GHz
MediaTek MT6771 Helio P60 Octa-core 2.0 GHz
Onboard storage256 GB, 128 GB, 64 GB64 GB
Battery and fast charging2949 mAh, YES3500 mAh, YES
CameraRear – 12 MP
Front – 7 MP
Rear – 16 MP + 2 MP
Front – 16 MP
Operating systemiOS 12, upgradable to iOS 12.1Android 8.1 (Oreo)
Price$1304 (76,900 INR)$255 (17,999 INR)

Well, we can see here clearly see who the winner is.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt “Apple iPhone XR”. As we all know Apple iPhones have always been known for their special features and advanced specification which have left wonderstruck.

Along the year, Apple iPhones have gained its name with their extraordinary and exceptional specs, so much so that nowadays only the name “iPhone” is enough to run in the market.

Buy now: Apple iPhone XR
Buy now: Oppo F9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Vivo V9 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Vivo V9 Pro Compare Mobile Phones

Now you can see here a comparison of one flagship phone and one budget phone both of which come from oriental based companies.

The flagship phone Galaxy Note 9 is a Samsung phone which is a South Korean Multinational Conglomerate Company.

On the other hand, V9 Pro belongs to Vivo which is China-based technology company named as Vivo Communication Technology.

ContentSamsung Galaxy Note 9 Vivo V9 Pro
Weight201 grams150 grams
ColoursMetallic Copper, Lavender Purple, Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, Pure White, Alpine WhiteBlack, Red
BuildAluminum FramePlastic Frame
Water ResistanceYesNo
Display size & display type6.4 inches, Super AMOLED6.3 inches, IPS LCD
ProcessorSnapdragon 845 Octa-core 2.7 GHzSnapdragon 660 Octa-core 2.2 GHz
Onboard storage512 GB, 128 GB64 GB
Battery and Fast charging4000 mAh, YES3260 mAh, NO
CameraRear – 12 MP + 12 MP
Front – 8 MP
Rear – 13 MP + 2 MP
Front – 12 MP
Operating systemAndroid 8.1 (Oreo), upgradable to Android 9.0 (Pie)Android 8.1 (Oreo)
Price$965 (67,990 INR)$255 (17,990 INR)

Comparing the two phones, we can conclude that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a better phone for anybody to own. But Vivo V9 Pro has also proved to be a point scorer with it OS and camera spec.

If any of you are thinking of buying a phone with good features and also to consider your budget, you can always opt for Vivo V9 Pro. And you can also compromise the specification as well, right?

Buy Now: Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Buy Now: Vivo V9 Pro

Google Pixel 3 XL vs Realme U1

Google Pixel 3 XL vs Realme U1 Compare Mobile Phones

You can see here that we have compared Google Pixel 3 XL which is a flagship phone and Realme U1 which is a budget phone.

Pixel 3 XL was launched by Pixel which is owned by Google and Realme is a Shenzhen-based Chinese smartphone manufacturer.

ContentGoogle Pixel 3 XL Realme U1
Weight184 grams168 grams
ColoursClearly White, Just Black and
Not Pink
Ambitious Black, Brave Blue, Fiery Gold
BuildAluminum FramePlastic Frame
Water ResistanceYesNo
Display size & display type6.3 inches, P-OLED6.3 inches, LTPS IPS LCD
ProcessorSnapdragon 845 Octa-core 2.5 GHzMediaTek Helio P70 Octa-core 2.1 GHz
Onboard storage128 GB, 64 GB64 GB, 32 GB
Battery and Fast charging3430 mAh, YES (Wireless)3500 mAh, NO
CameraRear – 12.2 MP
Front – 8 MP + 8 MP
Rear – 13 MP + 2 MP
Front – 25 MP
Operating systemAndroid 9.0 (Pie)Android 8.1 (Oreo)
Price$1067 (75,195 INR)$170 (11,999 INR)

The aftermaths of comparing this two phone are quite reasonable.

Both the phone fall into the same parameters when we talk about the specs which include the camera, RAM, display, and storage.

Buying a Realme U1 is as similar as buying a Google Pixel 3 XL. Then why not opt for Realme U1 and save yourself some money!

Buy now: Google Pixel 3 XL
Buy now: Realme U1


Wrapping Up

After going through this comparative session we can definitely state that buying a phone nowadays is a challenge for any consumer to go through all the specs and find the best suit for themselves.

Of course, flagship phone can always guarantee you with a great experience these days, but there are an abundance of niche, well-crafted and cheap models that can give you absolutely what you look for in a phone.

Lastly, we can advise you is that to always figure out what you prioritize most in a smartphone, be the cutting edge everything, specific features or even if it’s just the price.

  1. This is an amazing article, really loved the comparison part done between the OnePlus 6T and Xiaomi poco F1. I’d prefer a flagship phone over anything. Nice article! Keep it up.

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