Find Direct Link of Any Movie Using Google Dorks

Hey, Fellas! Today I am going to tell you about how can you Direct Link Of Any Movie Using Google Dorks. Now, this is something new tool which I am going to tell you. This tutorial is fast, easy and simple. Everyone loves to watch movies and other videos. Today I am going to tell you just about movies and nothing else. That how can you download those movies in HD. You can also checkout How To Use Google Maps Offline On Your Android Device

When you visit any website, you see many of the fake download buttons and too many download links. In all those links some of these links might be working. Which is again the bad feature of any website. You see too many ads and unknowingly gets opened without your knowledge. Thing is that you cannot simply download those movies in just one click. In today’s article will be telling you a trick which will help you a lot to download those movies.

What is Google Dork?

Google Dork is something new thing which is not by Google itself. Now, Google Dorking is also known as Google hacking. When you put some keyword in the Google search there are some results you will get using Google dork. Those information might be very useful for you and one can easily views and download those files in your computer or your mobile phones. Google has many specific keywords such as if you want to search anything related to your site only then you can write Site:XtremeTricks.Net in the Google search. The Google will do the rest here it is the same thing but in different manner. You can also read Wikipedia for more information about this by clicking here Dorks

Direct Link Of Any Movie Using Google Dorks

Now, after searching for your movie this site is going to search for the sites which are having ftp connections and you will be able to download those files easily. This trick will definitely give you a working download link and that too in HD. There are no chances that you receive any ad or something. Then let’s checkout how to do those settings.

Direct Link Of Any Movie Using Google Dorks

  • You need a web-browser install any browser of your choice. Which ever you like in my case I am using Google Chrome.
  • Firstly, you need to open Google search from here –
  • Now, you need to enter the below code in the search box

Movie Name -inurl:(htm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle:index.of “last modified” (mp4|wma|aac|avi)

Direct Link Of Any Movie Using Google Dorks

  • In place of Movie Name. Just enter any of your favourite movie name which you want to download

For example
Conjuring -inurl:(htm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle:index.of “last modified” (mp4|wma|aac|avi)

Direct Link Of Any Movie Using Google Dorks

  • Now, click on search and you will see many search results in the list

Direct Link Of Any Movie Using Google Dorks

  • You can click on any search results of your choice and you will see below given screen

Direct Link Of Any Movie Using Google Dorks

  • Now, You can enjoy the high speed download of any movie in some clicks.

How Does The Works?

Movie Name -inurl:(htm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle:index.of “last modified” (mp4|wma|aac|avi)

In the above given keyword you will see a movie name there you can add any movie name for example conjuring, deadpool, and etc.


  • This means search the movie name in the URL. Most of the times there are name of the keywords given in the link itself, and it will search all the links which are having extensions named as htm, html, php, pls, txt.

intitle:index.of “last modified”

  • It means that this will search for the recent date when the file was uploaded, so that you can get the HD print of the movie and you can download it in blazing fast speed.


  • This is easy. Your movie will be searched which is having extension of mp4, wma, aac, avi format only. These sites are FTP (file transfer protocol) sites. Which is meant for downloading the files only.

Wrapping up

Now, search for any movie of your choice with the help of Google Dorks. There are low chances to get new movies but you will find millions of old movies in this site. This was the article about Find Direct Link Of Any Movie Using Google Dorks. Now, you can show off your friends about this trick. Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this and I will meet you in the next one. Peace out.

  1. Bro I want to download hollywood movie in hindi or in dual audio,so pls give me the search code for that. Thank u

  2. Great tip, but in case, if we want to download a 3D, hevc, mkv file then, can we search like following,,,,

    the independence day resurgence -inurl:(htm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle:index.of “last modified” (mkv|mp4|wma|aac|avi)

    Thank you very much buddy

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