How to Download And Install Pokemon Go On Your Android Device (Updated)

Pokemon Go is one of the trending application running nowadays. This is the newly launched application which is launched some days back on play store. But Pokemon Go is only available for the users which are from U.S and U.K and the game is not available in countries such as India and other countries. This is the reason we are coming up with the guide in which I am going to tell you How to Download Pokemon Go On Your Android Device. The play store shows an error while opening the application. It shows the error of application is not available in your country.

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We have watched cartoons of Pokemon in which Ash catches all the Pokemon using his Pokemon balls. In this game, it is the same we have to catch the Pokemon and fight with many Pokemon but it requires an internet connection. This game has come up with totally a different concepts in which even you have to find the Pokemon by going outside the world. This game uses GPS.

The another best thing about this application is that you will be using your device camera to catch Pokemon when I tried this application and it was really totally new concept and the developer has tried his best to make this application cool and working in all way. There are some bugs which we will be discussing below.

Download Pokemon GO On Android

Download Pokemon Go On Your Android Device

Some days back when we have shown to installed Counter Strike on Android in that application you need data and other things which were nearly difficult to download. But here in this application you just need an internet connection and download data about 60 MB and then you will be able to use this game.

This application is having bugs in which your avatar is not moving properly or sometimes you won’t be able to catch Pokemon which makes this game sometimes irritating but if you are having a good internet connection and GPS signal then you will be able to run this game absolutely fine.

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Pokemon Go is not available in many countries because there are chances of deaths while playing this game. Because while concentrating on catching the Pokemon there are chances you will risk your life by any car accident or bus accident. Please play safe and don’t risk your life.

Note: Don’t get too much addicted to this game…


  • Uses Your camera to play the game and it’s totally a new and different concept.
  • Requires internet and GPS while playing the game.
  • Your avatar will move when you will be moving.
  • Doesn’t consume more memory and RAM.
  • It doesn’t consume more internet data.
  • No root required or patch requires while playing this game.


  • It requires a very good internet connection.
  • Sometimes the avatar doesn’t move properly.
  • You need to read all the information properly before playing this game for the first time.


  • Pokemon Go Application: Download
  • Turn on the GPS
  • Working internet connection while playing the game.

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Updated On:
Version: 0.45

How to Download and Install Pokemon Go On Your Android Device

  • Download and Install the application from the above-given download link.
  • Now, just open the application and you will get installation block warning.

Download Pokemon GO On Your Android

  • Click on settings and then enable unknown sources.

Download Pokemon GO On Your Android

  • Now, install the application once again and open the application.

Download Pokemon GO On Your Android

  • Now, Enter your birth date and click on submit button

Download Pokemon GO On Your Android

  • Click on sign up using “Google Account”. Allow all the required settings of the application.

Download Pokemon GO On Your Android

  • Now, make sure your GPS and Internet is turned on and now, start playing the game on your device.
  • Firstly it will show you that how to play the game, choose your avatar and while catching the Pokemon just throw the Pokeball.

Download Pokemon GO On Your Android

  • Now, start moving and your game will be started. Then you are done. Start moving in your streets to play the Pokemon.


Download Pokemon GO On Android

Download Pokemon GO On Android Download Pokemon GO On Android Download Pokemon GO On Android Download Pokemon GO On Android Download Pokemon GO On Android

Wrapping up

This was the trick in which we have shown you how to Install Pokemon Go On Your Android Device. If you face any difficulty while installing or playing this game, please do let us know in the comment section. We will surely help you out. Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this and play safe always. Peace out.

  1. Hey bro can u please tell me how to download anything in sd card from uc browser in canvas spark. I m not able to download it directly in sd card. Help

    1. Open UC Browser — Hit Menu in Bottom Down — Click On Settings — Scroll Down — Download Settings — Now, Change the Path of Download…

      I hope this work ????

  2. When I start to open Pokemon go in my micromax canvas spark the first page appears and then suddenly it get reboot every time…. please help

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