How to Fix Obtaining IP Address Error In Android

Android is one of the best operating system and in this Android has come up with many good and advance features. Wi-Fi is one of the best things which nowadays comes with every Android device. Everyone has used the wifi in today’s time. While using the wifi you might be getting the issues of obtaining IP Address error. While using wifi you might have stuck in the obtaining IP Address error. Today I am going to you about How to Fix Obtaining IP Address Error In Android.

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Recently when I read some forums and quora I was just looking into the errors which people encountered while using the wifi on their android device. This is just because of some bugs you might be facing whole using your android device. This is normal and every Android device is having bugs in their operating system.

Because of this error, many peoples try formatting their Android device. But this is really of no use just because formatting your device never solves any issues in your Android device. You need to be aware of all those settings which you do on your Android device. Let’s check out why you get this error on your device.

Fix Obtaining IP Address Error In Android

When you connect to any WiFi in your android device you will see something which is called as obtaining IP address and it will load and after sometimes it will give you the IP address which you want to get connected. Now, Whenever you try to connect to a WiFi which is having the low range at that time you will see an error of authentication error or sometimes it will be stuck at Obtaining IP address error. This is just because you are in low range WiFi and it takes a lot of time to get connected to the WiFi.

Fix Obtaining IP Address Error

If you have to solve this issue in your android device. Then you need to use Google DNS with a specific static IP address. This is really not so much difficult and you can easily do those settings on your device in one click and it is easy if you will follow up this tutorial properly. After following this tutorial your torrent links and links will also be unblocked. You don’t need a third party software to run this software on your device.

How to Fix Obtaining IP Address Error In Android

  • Firstly, You need to open settings and then click on WI-FI

Fix Obtaining IP Address Error

  • Now, turn on the Wi-Fi of your device and now click on the WiFi you are connected.

Fix Obtaining IP Address Error

  • Hold the wifi and there you will see an option of Modify WiFi Network

Fix Obtaining IP Address Error

  • Now, click on the arrow down key to advance option.

Fix Obtaining IP Address Error

  • You need to change the IP settings to static and then in the IP Address add the below-given fields
    1. IP Address:
    2. Gateway:
    3. Network Prefix Length: 24
    4. DNS 1:
    5. DNS 2:
  • Now, click on save and turn off the WiFi and switch it on again and the error is been solved 😀

Wrapping Up

Now, using this way you can easily solve this error in your android device. I hope you love  this tutorial if you face any difficulty then feel free to comment below and I will surely help you out. This was the article about how to fix Obtaining IP Address in android. Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this and I will surely meet you in the next one.


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