Download Google Pixel 2 Latest Pixel Launcher With The Bottom Search Bar

Google Pixel is the Android phone which is loved by everyone and the most exciting feature, when the Google Pixel was released it came up with too many features such as animated navigation bar, round icons and the all new Google Pixel launcher. This time Google Pixel 2 came up with new launcher which is Google pixel launcher 2.0. Today, I am going to tell you the way you can download Google Pixel 2 latest pixel launcher with the bottom search bar.

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We have seen that the Android Oreo came up with the new features such as Adaptive icons and personally, I didn’t  like this features because it looks ugly and not that good. If you are an Android users and want to enjoy the features of Pixel 2 launcher then you are the right place today.

You can install this launcher on any Android device and this will work perfectly fine on any phone. If you are having an Android phone which has 6.0+ then you can install this new launcher on your phone. This application is ported from Google Pixel 2.

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Google Pixel 2 Latest Pixel Launcher

This pixel launcher allows the users to enjoy the round icons and all types of icons which you can edit with the help of this launcher and you can also enjoy the one of the great feature and that is notification dots which will help you to track the notification you are getting on your phone.

If you are having the latest Android 8.0 then you will find there are a lot of great features which you can enjoy in this launcher. In this launcher when you will scroll down the menu to the bottom you will find a bump effect which is unique and there are new gesture available in the app.

One of the unique feature of this launcher is that you will find the search bar below which will help the users to click on the search button in just one click. This is how you can enjoy the new pixel 2 launcher on your phone.

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How to Download Google Pixel 2 Latest Pixel Launcher

  • Download the all new Google Pixel 2 latest pixel launcher from here: Nougat | Oreo
  • If you have installed the pixel launcher before then make sure you delete the launcher and try installing this launcher on your phone.

Google Pixel 2 Latest Pixel Launcher

  • You can uninstall the application by going into Settings > Apps > Pixel launcher and Uninstall the Program.
  • Download the new pixel launcher and install it on your phone and you might get an unknown source warning.

Google Pixel 2 Latest Pixel Launcher

  • Click on Settings and enable the unknown sources and that’s it.

Google Pixel 2 Latest Pixel Launcher

  • Try installing the application again on your phone.
  • Press the home button twice and set pixel launcher as your default launcher and you have successfully installed the pixel launcher on your phone.

Google Pixel 2 Latest Pixel Launcher

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Final Verdict:

Now, you know the way you can install the Google Pixel 2 launcher on your phone. I hope you love this article and enjoy it on your phone.

Share this article with your friends and let them know about this amazing launcher and this launcher is really handy and you can search anything on your phone.0

Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this and I will meet you in the next one. If you have any issues then please feel free to comment below.

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