How to Get The iPhone X Swipe-to-Go-Home Gesture on Any Android

iPhone X is the best phone which is released by Apple in Apple Keynote September 2017. They have removed the home button, and if you want to quit an application, then you can swipe up to go home. Personally, I loved this feature, and I wanted to give a try to this feature on my Android phone. I opened my play store and searched the app which allows the users to get the iPhone X swipe-to-go-home gesture on any Android device, and I found one.

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If you are the fan of the all-new iPhone X and want to get this feature, then let me tell you one thing that this feature is amazing and you will love to enjoy this feature on your phone. If you might have noticed the new iPhone X, then there is a new feature in which is called as Face ID and they have removed the Touch ID.

If you will see the title of this article then you will see that it is written that get iPhone X swipe up to go home gesture but in this article, I will be telling you something more, and you can define your gesture with the help of this new application, and that is really amazing, and you can use it on your device.

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Get The iPhone X Swipe-to-Go-Home Gesture

Get The iPhone X Swipe-to-Go-Home Gesture on Any Android

Android is the operating system which helps the users in too many ways, and there are different settings and application which always helps, and this is the reason why I am the biggest fan of Android, and you can try anything and install on your phone.

The name of the application is All in One Gesture which will help you to add the gesture on your phone, and this is the best app to add custom gesture. You can add your new gesture, and it will be helpful in many cases. This application is free of cost, and you can download the application from play store for free.

This application is available for free on play store, and if you want to enjoy the ad-free version of this application, then you can pay the developer 1.90$ and enjoy the ad-free version of this app.

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How to Get The iPhone X Swipe-to-Go-Home Gesture on Any Android

  • Download the All in One Gesture application on your Android device from here: Play Store [Substitute]
  • Open the application, and it will ask you to allow all the permission.
  • Then you need to modify system settings. Ths permission allows an app to modify the system configuration.

Get The iPhone X Swipe-to-Go-Home Gesture

  • Enable the application. You might get an error so click on Settings > Accessibility. Enable the settings of the application.

Get The iPhone X Swipe-to-Go-Home Gesture

  • Now from the application click on the bottom area.

Get The iPhone X Swipe-to-Go-Home Gesture

  • Then select the action home, and then you will see a small white area on the screen.
  • Now, just swipe up, and you will see that you have successfully enabled the iPhone X swipe to go home gesture on your Android device.

Final Verdict:

This was the article about the way you can get the iPhone X Swipe-to-Go-Home Gesture on Any Android device. I hope you love this article.

Share this article with your friends, and they can perform this trick on any Android device and enjoy this feature on their phone.

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