Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites 2019

Torrents are the one of the best and cool ways to download any files for free. If you want to download any software and videos then torrents are the best. Today I will be telling you the Most Popular Torrent Sites of the year 2017.

Nowadays torrents are banned in many countries. If you want to download any software then you need to turn on the VPN to browse through torrent websites.

In this article, I will be telling you some of the best websites which is not having the annoying pop-up ads and the websites which are secure and safe while downloading any files on torrents.

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I have seen many people’s browsing torrents every day and searching for the files. I have also seen the user who ends up with too many viruses or sometimes ends up with fake downloads after downloading the files. This is just because the administrator of those torrent sites doesn’t check the files properly.

Now, in the year 2016 the best website of the torrent was known as Kickass Torrents which was shut down in the year July 2016 but now the community is again back to the new domain which is

If you want to share the files with your friends which are high in size then torrents are the best thing which you can share this 1 KB files will be added on your friends computer then it will be automatically downloaded without any issues.

No Uploading and No Time is taken while creating torrents if your torrent is having the most of the seeders then this is the best thing which you can follow.

Most Popular Torrent Sites

#1 The Pirate Bay

The Pirate bay is the best torrent website if you want to download any torrent files. The Pirate bay is also having too many domains. The worst thing about the Pirate bay is that it is having too many annoying ads. If you want to download any torrent files then you need to block the ads with the help of the Ad blocker.

The best thing about the Pirate bay is that you can download the torrent and website is having the simple user interface which is the best thing. Recently a number of pop-up ads are been decreased a lot. It means it is easy for you to download the files from the torrent.

   The Pirate Bay

Popular Torrent Sites

#2 is one of the best and my favorite website when it comes to downloading any files from the torrent. Why? Just because it is not having the annoying pop-up ads which always appears on the screen. This website is blocked in many countries. If you want to access this website then you have to manually add the https:// on your URL box. Then you can download the files.

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The best part of is that it is having too many torrent uploaders and we get the nice seeders while downloading any files from the torrent. The other thing which I love is that it categorized properly. If you want to download any Top 100 movies in this month then this is categorized properly and you can download it of your choice.

This choice depends on the users of the torrents and accessing the files and downloading it. You can also stream the videos of torrent files using the Stream Torrent button.

Popular Torrent Sites


Now, Torrentz was shut down in after the But the new domain was launched with the name which is the best website. Now, this website is not having the annoying ads.

Suppose you need to download the file from the torrent. You are not finding the specific torrent on your above favorite sites. Then the Torrentz comes up with the related links from where you download the specific files which make a lot easier for you to download the torrent files over the internet.

The best part of the torrentz is that there are a lot of the related links available and it is updated daily. There are a lot of new links available and ready to stream the torrents online.

I have shared one article, about the way How to Create Your Own Cloud Torrent Client (Torrents to IDM)

Popular Torrent Sites

#4 Extra Torrent (Shutdown)

If you want to download any TV shows such as Flash, The Walking Dead and etc. This is the best torrent website which you can look into it. The best part of this website is that you will find the home of the popular torrent uploader such as ETTV and ETRG which are the one of the popular and the best torrent uploader.

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The best part about this uploader is that you don’t need to worry about them just because they upload the real torrent files and the downloading videos are in HD. You can download the files for free. There are low pop-up ads on the website which you can look into it.

   Extra Torrent

Popular Torrent Sites


Now, the RARBG is the new torrent site which is in the market. This site was launched Last year and it is nowadays of the most ranked site. This site is having the pretty good user interface and also it is having everything categorized properly. This website is having the best users who upload the new and fresh torrent files which are having the good seeders and the files are virus free.

The other best part is if you want to get the newly released from the internet then RARBG is the best website which you can give a try to it.


Popular Torrent Sites

#6 Kickass Torrents

Kickass torrents are back with the all new domain and the new updates which are just amazing. They are uploading the new torrents every day. The sad news is their all database and files were destroyed and the files are still not available If you want to download the files then the new files and TV shows are available.

There are mnay other thing need to be set. When you will open the website you will checkout the home page of community and there you will find a menu of torrents from where you can check the torrent files.

If you want to download the torrents from then the same old user interface is been used. The community page is redicrected just because the Google don’t block the home page of the website. You need to click on the menu to check out the torrent files. This is at 6th place if everything is working fine then we will make sure that its position is improved.

The other thing which is not kind of annoying is that it is not Responsive (Mobile-Friendly) the websites such as 1337x is mobile friendly and makes it unique. There are too many ads on this website now. There were no ads previously 🙁

   KickAss Torrents

Popular Torrent Sites Kickass torrents


YTS.Ag is the best website if you want to download the movies. This website is specific to movies. Every 2 to 3 days a new movie torrent is uploaded. The best part about it is that it is mobile friendly and also the site is not having too many pop-up ads which make it unique.

The speed of the torrent is also too high this is just because of too many seeders. The seeders are the only thing which makes these torrent fast.

If you want to search for the old movies or the new one then the YTS.AG is the right and the perfect website which you can try on your computer. The chances of fake torrents are too less. Just because the group of YTS uploads the torrent and they are all checked properly and updated on the website.

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Popular Torrent Sites YTS.Ag


EZTV is the popular torrent uploader which uploads the TV shows torrents. This uploader uploads the TV shows on many websites. EZTV.AG is the website which is built by himself and only he is uploading the latest TV Shows on it. If you want to download some HD quality TV shows then this is the best website which you can give a try. There are pop-up ads on the website. If you will visit this website then you will find out that it is having some amazing and simple user interface which makes their users attractive and forces them to download the torrents. Almost every TV shows are available on EZTV and you should try downloading it for free with the blazing fast internet speed.


Popular Torrent Sites

#9 Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads is the old and the best torrent website. This website is having the blazing fast speed and also the best user interface. Torrent Downloads is having all the Tv shows and movies categorized properly which helps the users to download the TV shows and movies in just some clicks. There are less number of the annoying pop-up ads which is great. If you are the really fond of torrents and want to download the anime then this is the best place where you can downoad the latst torrents of free.

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   Torrent Downloads

Popular Torrent Sites

#10 YIFY Torrent

YIFY Torrent is the another best website for the users who are fond of Movies. This website is just for the users who want to download the movies. YIFI torrent is having the huge amount of movies and torrent database which you can download for free. The YIFI torrent is having the best user interface so that users can download the real torrent files. This website is getting viral day by day and it is the best torrent site known for the movies.

   YIFY Torrents

Popular Torrent Sites


Final Verdict:

We have not added the website just because it is not working now. We all know that the new torrent site is available with the name but the community is building so after that we will add that website soon.

Now, we have the list of the 10 Most Popular torrent sites of 2019. If you think that we are missing some sites then we will be adding those files. Just shoot a comment below. We will add those websites.

I hope you love this article, Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks.

Share this article with your friends and the one who loves the torrent website. Shoot a comment if you face any issues and peace out.

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