How to Play YouTube Video In The Background on Android & iPhone

YouTube has been one of the amazing and the best platform when you want to watch any movies or hear any song online. But we have seen in YouTube you cannot play videos in background. Today we are coming up with the article in which I am going to tell you How to Play YouTube Video In The Background on Android & iPhone

It is said that if you want to hear any song then you need to subscribe for YouTube red. YouTube red is something which helps you to view videos without any ads. There are many features which you can enjoy with the help of YouTube Red.

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Now, in today’s article I am going to tell you how to play YouTube video in background on iPhone and Android. In iPhone you don’t need any software just the inbuilt browser that is safari.

In Android you need to install Mozilla Firefox. Nowadays in many devices FireFox is pre-installed. You don’t need to download anything. But this is the good feature which you can follow without using a penny.

YouTube Video In Background

How to Play YouTube Video In The Background on Android & iPhone

Whenever you play any YouTube video in your Android device there is an issue in which if you will close or minimize the application it will automatically close the audio and it won’t work.

You can easily play YouTube video in background if you are having Apple safari browser for iPhone and Mozilla for firefox.

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You don’t need any external software which will help you to play youtube video in background. Mozilla is light and you don’t need to do many settings in the application. Mozilla doesn’t consume much memory

In Apple Safari browser you need to open the YouTube site and play the video and when you will click on home button at that time you will see a notification in status bar of iPhone about last played.

I tried many browsers to play youtube video in background. Many browsers failed and the only browser which worked was Mozilla Firefox. Let’s get started with the trick.

How to Watch YouTube Video in Background On Android

  • Firstly download and install the Mozilla Firefox browser from here for Android. – Play Store
  • Open the application and click in next and Agree the terms and conditions.
  • Now, simply enter in the browser URL and open it.
  • Now, play any video in your browser and then minimize the browser and done.
  • Now, you can enjoy YouTube in background without any third party software.

How to Watch YouTube Video in Background in iPhone

  • Open Safari Browser in your iPhone and open
  • Then play any video and minimize the browser.
  • Now, open your status bar and then you can click on play button to start the audio.

YouTube Video In Background

  • Now, you can play music in background with the help of a small trick.

Video Tutorial:

Wrapping up

I hope you love this tutorial. This was the tutorial about how to play YouTube video in the background on Android & iPhone

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